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Abstract submission

Abstract submission: 1 April- 30 June 2023

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Abstract topics

We cordially invite you to submit your abstracts for poster and/or oral presentations for the following abstract topics

  • Mechanisms of cancer development and progressio
  • Signal transduction in carcinogenesi
  • Inflammation and innate immunit
  • H. pylori genomics and pathogenomic
  • H. pylori pathogenicity mechanism
  • H. pylori virulence factor
  • H. pylori and microbiot
  • Mechanisms of H. pylori host adaptatio
  • Metabolism of H. pylor
  • H. pylori and human migration
  • Treatment and prevention of H. pylori and gastric cance
  • non-pylori Helicobacters

Authors' notes

Up to 3,000 characters are allowed for the abstract text including spaces, bibliographical references and captions and excluding author names and titles. There is no additional character buffer. The abstract check is bound to the above mentioned maximum number of characters of 3,000. Neither the own institute/clinic nor product or brand names may be stated in the title. In addition, no reference to participating institutes or clinics may be made in the abstract text, as the evaluation is anonymous by the Scientific Board. 

Tables or graphics are not permitted in the Abstracts.

The main authors will be informed about the acceptance/rejection via e-mail, in addition information will be given about the specified presentation form (oral or poster) and the time of the oral or poster presentation.

Form criteria

An abstract must be submitted in English. Consideration of an abstract in English requires that the following structure is included:

1. Introduction (background, relevance and research question of the paper)

2. Materials/methods (patient collective, method, statistical procedures)

3. Results (results with data and statistics)

4. Discussion (significance of the work presented and conclusion).

Creating an account in the Abstract system

  • First, please create your private account at "Author registration". You will then receive your password by e-mail. Please note that it may also happen that the mail reply with your private password arrives in your spam folder. If you have not received your password by e-mail after 60 minutes, please send an e-mail to abstract@conventus.de.
  • After receiving your password, log in with your e-mail and password. You can now enter your abstract at "Abstract submission". To do so, follow the steps given.
  • After successful submission of your abstract you will receive a confirmation email. Please also check your spam folder. 
  • You can now log-in at any time and submit further abstracts or modify existing abstracts until the deadline 30 June 2023.
  • It is not possible to submit or save after the deadline.

Please note that the scientific committee will evaluate the abstracts and therefore the preference between oral and poster presentation chosen at the time of submission is not a guarantee.


Please note that the author is not automatically registered by submitting the abstract. The presenting author is required to register for participation at the conference homepage https://www.hgsc-conference.de/. Registration will open soon.


All abstracts/posters that are accepted and registered for the conference will be included in the conference digital Abstract Booklet.